Transportation Liability

London Fischer LLP specializes in the handling of all aspects of litigation relating to automobiles, trucks, buses and other motorized vehicles. We also handle claims involving railroads, rapid transit systems and others.

London Fischer LLP has successfully litigated hundreds of suits relating to claims of defective manufacture, defective design, breach of warranty, inadequate warning, vehicle crashworthiness, and vicarious liability of such diverse vehicles as automobiles, sport utility vehicles, cargo and passenger vans, buses, tractor-trailers, armored vehicles, and forklifts. We have expertise with New York's insurance practice relating to automotive vehicles including no-fault, uninsured/underinsured and loss transfer rules. We have won a significant number of cases by early motion practice and, when appropriate, we have resolved cases by favorable settlements quickly and cost efficiently. We understand the need for efficiency and pragmatism in defending fleet programs.

Recently we were successful in an action based upon several deaths and serious injury when an overloaded helicopter crashed in South America. We also won an important appeal in defeating a claim against the manufacturer of a speeding rapid transit system work locomotive that traumatically amputated a worker's legs. We defended the manufacturer of an elevated urban light rail train that jumped the tracks during a test run, killing the engineer.

We have established contacts in the various related motor vehicle industries which allow us to immediately investigate the most significant losses utilizing retired police personnel and nationally recognized experts. Over the past few years, our attorneys have successfully litigated diverse cases involving multi-vehicle, multiple plaintiff collisions, vehicle rollovers and accidents with off-road events, just to name a few. We are counsel to such companies as GELCO Transport, USF Redstar, Bax Global, Cardinal Freight, Brinks and the entire fleet of Welsbach Electric Corp. trucks.

We have had great success in summary judgment motions on behalf of our clients in "rear-end" accidents, alleged restraint systems failure and cases involving the "serious injury" threshold. Our attorneys have been instrumental in expanding the breadth of the "serious injury" doctrine for defendants with victories in cases where opposing physician affidavits rely on unsworn MRI reports, do not explain gaps in treatment or prior or subsequent accidents and where plaintiffs, as often is the case, have fictitious or, unsupported discogenic disease.