Career Opportunities

London Fischer is committed to the development of superior well-rounded attorneys. The best attorneys have a combination of legal talent, and client and community service skills.

At London Fischer, we train and enhance the qualities of all our attorneys. We have mandatory weekly attorney training meetings, in-house CLE, and a partner open door policy. All our associates work closely with partners and mentors.

At the earliest date, we provide our attorneys the opportunity to appear in court, take depositions and engage in all the frontline activities that first class attorneys must master. We encourage all attorneys at every level in our Firm to meet with and develop professional relationships with the Firm’s clients.
Many of our partners and associate attorneys serve on the boards of charitable organizations and participate in various forms of community service. We support the interest of our attorneys in these community services and in handling pro bono cases.

We view the practice of law as a team effort. The broad training given to our attorneys compliments the team spirit promoted by our Firm.

London Fischer recruits attorneys throughout the year. Successful lateral candidates must have experience in the substantive areas of our practice. Interested candidates, including first-year associates, may submit their resumes together with a writing sample to our HR Director, Patricia Isaacson.