Catastrophic Event Response

London Fischer created the Catastrophic Event Response team to use our deep experience in construction, products liability and insurance to your advantage. For more than twenty-years, we have been helping clients to evaluate and minimize liability exposures. If an accident does occur, our Catastrophic Event Response team is here to help.

Staffed by senior partners of the Firm, the team responds to significant construction accidents and other liability events as they occur. The Team gives clients round-the-clock access to our experienced attorneys and trusted third-party photographers and forensic experts who can be at the scene of a catastrophe immediately. This is important not only to the development of the best possible defense, but also to securing crucial evidence for successful subrogation recoveries.

Our focus is to draw on the experience of the Firm and trusted third-parties to evaluate and resolve liability events quickly and efficiently. The Catastrophic Event Response Team is a central element of London Fischer’s commitment to your success.