The Power of Running- Spotlight on London Fischer Of Counsel, Cruz Williams, and associate, Morgan Mueller

October 13, 2022

We are incredibly proud of our attorneys, Cruz Williams and Morgan Mueller for running (and finishing in personal best time) the 2022 London and Berlin marathons, respectively. See below for their inspiring thoughts!

Cruz Williams:

“I ran the 2022 TCS London Marathon in support of the Sense Organization, a non-profit organization serving persons with complex sensory disabilities. My goal was to raise awareness and funds for Sense. My shared passion for running and serving others is perfectly suited for marathoning on behalf of charitable organizations dear to my heart. It is how I best balance the challenges and demands of my legal career and my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I’ve seen the best of humankind displayed on marathon courses by runners and race supporters alike. My running and community support efforts will continue at the 2023 Tokyo Marathon for Plan International (independent child rights organization for poverty and violence free living), and the 2023 Boston Marathon for Dream Big! (non-profit organization serving girls from low-income situations with equipment/funding to participate in sports).”

Morgan Mueller:

“The Berlin Marathon was an amazing experience. I think the most special part about it was getting to run through the streets of Berlin with two of my Brooklyn Track Club Teammates, surrounded by so many others from around the world with the same goals. One of the things I love most about running is the sense of community it provides.  I’ve been lucky to meet so many different people through running who constantly uplift and inspire me to be a better runner and person.”