Cybersecurity – Insurance Coverage and Response

September 19, 2022

London Fischer created our Cybersecurity team to assist our insurer-clients and their insureds with combating the risks associated with a technology-dependent society and increased cyber threats from all over the world. Our attorneys have substantial experience handling cyber-related incidents as claims, coverage, and monitoring counsel for multiple stand-alone cyber insurance programs, as well for general liability, professional liability, and specialty lines policies that offer cyber-related coverage. Our attorneys are available 24 hours per day and we handle claims for insurers from the inception of an incident through resolution.

Our attorneys also directly assist clients who are the victims of cyber incidents or data breaches.  London Fischer understands that in today’s world, the inability to use your computer system could have devastating effects on a business.  Our focus is to proactively work with our clients to develop comprehensive action plans to restore computer systems to full operating status at the earliest possible time.