London Fischer Obtains Dismissal of Product Liability Claims in Substantial Hotel Fire Case

March 27, 2013

Gregg Minkin recently secured dismissal of product liability claims against the manufacturer of an air conditioner power cord, which allegedly caused a substantial hotel fire. The action, Amber Arms, et al. v. VR Innkeepers, et al., Superior Court of Knox County, Indiana, was brought on behalf of 17 guests of a hotel located in Vincennes, Indiana, seeking recovery for personal injuries and one death. Plaintiffs alleged that the fire was caused by defects in the power cord of an air conditioner unit located in the room where the fire originated. Mr. Minkin successfully demonstrated to the other parties’ satisfaction, through the use of eyewitness accounts, expert inspection and fire recreation, that his client’s power cord was not defective and did not cause the fire. He was therefore able to secure voluntary dismissal of all claims against his client with prejudice.